Letter to the Niwot Community

The relationship between Niwot Elementary and its sister school, Mwebaza Infant Primary School in Uganda, continues to grow!  Niwot students received letters from their Ugandan pen pals just before the end of the school year last May.  Niwot students will be writing their Ugandan pen pals later this fall, with the hope of accomplishing two complete letter exchanges between the schools this year.  Considering that the Ugandan mail system is so slow that it can take over two months for mail to get to its intended recipient, two complete letter exchanges is a lofty goal – a goal we met last year!

Last spring, our school raised over $9000 through the Mwebaza Jog-a-thon for our Ugandan sister school!  These funds will be used to purchase land for the eventual expansion of the school needed to serve children between the ages of 10 and 14.  Currently, the school only has the capacity to teach children up to 10 years of age.  Many Mwebaza community children 10 years of age and older have no alternative other than to discontinue their formal education as other schools are too costly or too far away.

Presently, land negotiations are happening between the school and a local land seller.  Hopefully any issues will be worked out soon so Mwebaza can take possession of the land.  Mwebaza can use the land to raise food for student consumption as it waits to gather the funds needed to build a school building for the older students.  It is our hope that Niwot Elementary will be able to help Mwebaza School in building a school to accommodate these older students.

Thanks to a generous grant given by a local non-profit, Mwebaza School has chickens on order so it can begin feeding eggs to its malnourished students.  This non-profit is also working with the Mwebaza Foundation to help Mwebaza staff and students learn how to build “keyhole gardens” that can produce up to four times more vegetables for student consumption.  Hopefully, in the future, students at Mwebaza School will get more than a meager bowl of porridge to eat each day!

Here at Niwot, more fundraising efforts are planned including a combined Used Children’s Book Sale with Eagle Crest Elementary to benefit both of our African sister schools.

Weebale nyo, Niwot community!  (“Thank you!” in the Luganda language spoken by our Ugandan pen pals.)