Clean Water for Mwebaza School

The Mwebaza Foundation recently received a generous grant from the Heaven’s Hope Foundation to assist Mwebaza School in collecting and storing rainwater to use as a water source for the school.  Currently, students and staff must hike long distances to get water – untreated water – and carry that water back to school in large containers.  Now, Mwebaza School will be able to purchase large storage tanks and use the roof of the school building

(that Niwot Elementary and the Mwebaza Foundation helped build) as a collection surface for the rainwater.  Guttering, downspouts, and filters will be installed soon.  Because rainfall is abundant in the region of Uganda where the school is located, Mwebaza School students and staff may not have to travel to get water ever again!

Successfully capturing and storing rainwater is not sufficient, however.  The water that enters the storage tanks may become contaminated by animal and bird droppings, mosquitos, or other sources of pollution.  The water must be cleaned before it can be consumed.  We are delighted to report that the TankPro Corporation of Australia graciously donated two costly water sterilization units to use in the tanks to keep the water clean and fresh!  These units convert naturally-occurring minerals in the water into chlorine, safely sterilizing the water for human consumption.

The Mwebaza Foundation and Mwebaza School humbly thank the Heaven’s Hope Foundation and the TankPro Corporation for helping to make this dream of clean, easily-accessible water a soon-to-be reality for Mwebaza schoolchildren!