Mwebaza Day Celebration

DSC_0119On December 5th,  Niwot Elementary celebrated Mwebaza Day with their sister school, Mwebaza Primary School. The morning started with a school assembly where the students were able to Skype with their pen pals from Kyengera, Uganda. The Niwot students, dressed in the colors of the Ugandan flag, performed popular American songs and a traditional Ugandan beat and dance that they had rehearsed. The students at Mwebaza School presented songs and dances they had created along with a popular American Christmas carol that they had learned. The Boulder Bike Underpass Choir volunteered their time to come and sing traditional African songs during the assembly. Throughout the day, the students at Niwot toasted to their Ugandan pen pals with passion fruit juice- a popular Ugandan drink. They spent time that day to reflect on their special relationship with their sister school in writing. At the end of the day, all of Niwot Elementary joined in a drum beat broadcasted through the school intercom to reflect the unity among themselves and their friends abroad. Mwebaza Day was featured on the front page of the Longmont Times-Call newspaper. You can find the article at: