Oversight, Assistance, Relationships: Summer Trip, 2013

DSC_0416This summer, the Mwebaza Foundation had an incredible group of volunteers travel to our partner schools in Africa. The President and Founder of the Mwebaza Foundation, Dale Peterson, organized and led the group through the variety of projects on which our team was working. Devaki Douillard, the Foundation’s first full-time employee, accompanied the team to document every aspect of the trip on film. John Mees, a retired Longmont optometrist, tested the vision of the students and teachers of Mwebaza Primary School and the community members as well. Mary Jane Mees, a local Kindergarten teacher and coach of the Love and Logic curriculum, directed a training program for the teachers of Mwebaza Primary School and St. Paul Primary School on effective classroom management. Jenna Olschlager, the music teacher at Niwot Elementary, taught the students at Mwebaza Primary School American songs and dances, while learning traditional African songs and dances to share with the students at Niwot Elementary. Kaitlin Litchfield and Leigh Gilmore, two practicum students from the Engineering in Developing Communities graduate program at CU, Boulder, oversaw the construction of the two new school buildings that the Mwebaza Foundation is currently building, and developed a¬†maintenance manual for the water sterilization system and waterless toilets at both schools. It was a very productive and inspiring trip that has strengthened our relationship with our African partner schools.