Vote of Appreciation and Gratitude

DSC_0023.1My name is Namatovu Catherine, and l am the Headmistress of Mwebaza Infant Primary School in Kyengera, Uganda, and Mwebaza-Nkungulutale Junior School that is currently under construction! l am so thrilled to have this honor and say a word of thanks to you all. lt takes a lot of time develop the kind of friendship and love that we are enjoying as per now! We are so honored for this kind of intercultural friendship. We have learned and gained so much from you! Who would ever know that the jiggers [burrowing fleas] would be wiped out at St Paul by Devaki’s efforts, Mwebaza’s Development Assistant! Thank you.

This is a concept of love and dedication to a life of happiness regardless of environment!  In addition to the experiences that l, my students, and community members have with you, the pen pal letter cards with simple gifts in them, they are a life time of memories that one will never forget! And our students out here boast of that as few schools have pen pal friendships of this kind!

We are so honored and blessed that we now have one of the first two schools that are under constructions of that kind, with the first EnvroLoo toilet design ever in Uganda!!!!! So it is never easy to recall from the time this friendship was incepted and we used to send each other pen pal letters with such questions: How do you live? What do you eat? How do you go to school? etc.! But now each one knows the other much better! And very soon, we shall be sharing a balanced diet with you! Because, we have eggs, fruits, vegetables, vans, clean and very soon finished classrooms that are like yours!!  Haha aha! Such this is a learning, rewarding, and educative pen pal friendship!

Oh l must  thank the wonderful families, the students, teachers, and friends who have done much for us:
1) The Heaven’s Hope Foundation for its continued support, enthusiasm, and guidance;
2) The families and staffs of Niwot and Coyote Ridge Elementaries;
3) The Davis family for selling homemade skirts for scholarships for students in need;
4) Marcus Chaknova and family for raising the funds for vision testing and glasses for those who need them;
5) John and Ginger Douillard for their years of work for the Mwebaza Foundation;
6) The Board of the Mwebaza Foundation for its guidance;
7) Dr. John Mees and Mary Jane Mees, Kaitlin Litchfield, Leigh Gilmore, Jenna Olschlager, and Devaki Douillard from the American team that visited this summer;
8) Private family foundations that have helped us with construction costs;
9) KayLyn Giles for her grant writing efforts.
And so many more to thank than I can thank here.

l only wish it is not costly and it didn’t take 30 hours of travel time to visit, l would be back there in Colorado on a plane and visit you! l do miss you all!! Well, l can not describe all what this pen pal friendship means to us as for now, but just know you have friends across the seas in Uganda who love you, think about you. You are in our daily prayers.

Dear friends, l wish you the best of your days, and that may you smile all days long.

With much love and maximum respect,

Namatovu Catherine