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Book Sale Success

DSC_0042This spring, The Mwebaza Foundation’s 6th Annual Book Sale Fundraiser was a huge success! This year, Niwot Elementary and Eagle Crest Elementary held separate book sales. This allowed each school to send all funds it raised directly to its own individual partner school.
The funds raised at Niwot Elementary are allocated for the construction of a new secondary/middle school in the nearby town of Nkungulutale. This new school will accommodate students who graduate from Mwebaza Primary School and middle school students from the village of Nkungulutale.
The funds raised at Eagle Crest Elementary will assist in the development of a sustainable lunch program at their partner school, Empakasi Primary School in Kenya.
Altogether, the funds raised from the sale of second-hand books, framed batiks, and beautiful African beaded jewelry amounted to an astounding $4,900. The Mwebaza Foundation sincerely thanks all the volunteers and participants of this year’s book sales.

Coyote Ridge Fundraiser Day

DSC_002596ca58This spring, Coyote Ridge Elementary held a multifaceted fundraiser for their partner school, St. Paul Primary School, in Uganda. Throughout the day, Dale Peterson and Devaki Douillard from the Mwebaza Foundation, updated classes about this year’s progress at their African partner school. This day was also “Hat Day”, where students were given permission to wear a hat all day long if they donate one dollar or more to their partner school. At the end of the day, student and parent volunteers sold beautiful African beaded jewelry and other small gifts, donated by the Wandishin Family from Coyote Ridge Elementary. In total, Coyote Ridge Elementary raised $2,180.86 to be used to finish construction of the new school building at St. Paul!

School Building Construction Update

SCAN0027As we broke ground for the new school buildings at Nkungulutale and Nkokonjeru, we quickly realized that it was a more efficient use of resources to concentrate on constructing one school at a time. So we decided to complete St. Paul Primary School’s building first, before constructing a new secondary school at Nkungulutale. This is due to the fact that St. Paul School is already serving children in a shed-like structure with dirt floors.

After months of hard work preparing the site and laying the foundation, the walls went up, the bathrooms and hand washing stations were installed, and once the roof is on, the new primary school at St. Paul will be complete! We will soon move our attention to the construction of Nkungulutale’s new secondary school that will also serve graduating students from Mwebaza Primary School. We estimate this school will be completed much faster since it is not located in such a remote area and since our contractors are familiar with the design of the school building, which is identical in design to the building, constructed for St. Paul students.