School Building Construction Update

SCAN0027As we broke ground for the new school buildings at Nkungulutale and Nkokonjeru, we quickly realized that it was a more efficient use of resources to concentrate on constructing one school at a time. So we decided to complete St. Paul Primary School’s building first, before constructing a new secondary school at Nkungulutale. This is due to the fact that St. Paul School is already serving children in a shed-like structure with dirt floors.

After months of hard work preparing the site and laying the foundation, the walls went up, the bathrooms and hand washing stations were installed, and once the roof is on, the new primary school at St. Paul will be complete! We will soon move our attention to the construction of Nkungulutale’s new secondary school that will also serve graduating students from Mwebaza Primary School. We estimate this school will be completed much faster since it is not located in such a remote area and since our contractors are familiar with the design of the school building, which is identical in design to the building, constructed for St. Paul students.