Progress at St. Paul School


Background: new school building at St. Paul. Foreground: old school structure.

Last year, the Mwebaza Foundation began construction on two new school buildings in Uganda. One school will replace a dilapidated shed that was used as a classroom building at St. Paul School. The other school is being constructed as a middle school in a village near Mwebaza School that will serve the graduates of Mwebaza School as well as the children from that community. We focused our efforts on constructing St. Paul’s new school building first since they are already serving students in an inadequate school structure. Despite significant delays due to heavy rains, which blocked the roads to St. Paul, we are happy to report that the school is in full operation even though we are still lacking the funds to equip the school with windows, doors, and desks. Construction has now begun on the middle school in Nkungulutale. The walls have been built and progress is steady.