Maintenance Workers Hired at Partner Schools!

896df0a4-8c1c-4c17-89ab-b0fc65efe659While the Foundation’s Development Assistant was visiting all of our African partner schools, she worked with staff to implement a new maintenance program at both St. Paul and Mwebaza Schools. Local community members have been hired to maintain each individual project, while documenting the work accomplished. This documentation will make it easier to track the success and identify the inadequacies of each project while ensuring accountability for project success. At Mwebaza School, there is a maintenance worker for the egg-laying chicken program, the green garden and orchard, and the rainwater collection tanks. At St. Paul School, there are maintenance workers that oversee the piggery, the garden and orchard, the rainwater collection tanks, and the newly-installed EnviroLoo toilets. This maintenance program not only assures the sustainability and success of the school’s initiatives, but also creates a level of community involvement that is advantageous to the school at large.