Projects at Empakasi

76a27402-5384-47ce-baab-aa6203c7cacbWhile Devaki was in Kenya, visiting Empakasi Primary School, the Mwebaza Foundation’s newest partner school, she was asked to assess what could be done to help the school become self sufficient. Our first task is to fix the water pipes running from a nearby borehole to the school so Empakasi will have a reliable source of water. A constant source of water is necessary before we can implement any other sustainability project. Ultimately we would like to start a sustainable lunch program at the school so the children receive sufficient nutrition, at least while school is in session. Currently no lunch is provided for the students and they are surviving off what little snacks they can bring from home; many students go without food all day. With the help of the First Congregational Church of Boulder, we have been able to hire a capable student from the United States International University-Africa, Kevin Omondi, to oversee the implementation of these projects. He is a local Kenyan and knows the school and community well since the start of a technology program at Empakasi, facilitated by Kevin and a group of other university students. Kevin began work on September 1st, and is eager to help establish a lunch program so students can get the adequate nutrition needed to concentrate in school.