Scholarship Program

61dd2535-f40b-40f7-a3e1-071592606766Keeping kids in school is a widespread issue across Africa. With many families living in poverty, paying school fees becomes a large financial burden that many can’t afford. That is why the Mwebaza Foundation, with the help of a generous donation from the Heaven’s Hope Foundation, has created a scholarship program at both Ugandan partner schools. This summer, eight students from each school were awarded full-ride scholarships to attend school for one year, tuition free. Devaki Douillard, the Foundation’s Development Assistant, with the help of an interview committee comprised of school staff, completed detailed interviews of dozens of applicants. They interviewed the guardians of each applicant and did their best to assess each student’s motivation to learn. We wanted to ensure that we were awarding scholarships to students that are not necessarily the highest performing students, but the ones that have the initiative to succeed at school and in life. This scholarship program not only benefits the families and students that were allotted a scholarship, but it also benefits the school as a whole. Both St. Paul School and Mwebaza School have allowed many students to attend school for free or at a discounted price. This has made it difficult for the school administration to pay teacher salaries. However, now with the scholarship money, the schools can continue to let students attend school for free and more easily afford teacher salaries.