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Mountains of Change Fundraiser

Donald Beuke, Principal of Coronado Hills Elementary and avid outdoorsman, is embarking on the Damson Expedition this summer in Denali National Park to summit Mount McKinley. With the help of Coronado Hills Elementary, the Damson Expedition has started a fundraising effort entitled “Mountains of Change.” All proceeds raised by Mountains of Change will assist the Mwebaza Foundation in providing St. Paul Primary School with a school bus.

A lack of transportation is something the St. Paul students and staff have been dealing with since the schools inception. Students walk for miles each day to get to and from school. A school bus would allow these students to be transported safely and efficiently to school, while also being used as a taxi in the off hours that would bring in an income for the school.

The Mwebaza Foundation would like to thank Mr. Donald Beuke and the Coronado Hills community for their generosity and admirable efforts to assist St. Paul School.