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Back in Africa! Follow Our Blog.

Devaki with Mwebaza penpalsThe Mwebaza Foundation’s Development Assistant has returned to Africa!  First, she will be visiting Kenya to assist in the initial construction stages of Empakasi Primary School’s sustainable lunch program. Then she will travel to Uganda to help oversee the installation of doors, windows, and solar panels at St. Paul School; the installation of the roof at the new secondary school, and much more!

Follow her live blog from January 10th through February 27th, here.

Eagle Crest’s Skype with Empakasi School

e75d32d1-9528-4161-9079-56e7316ce9d4On Friday, Oct. 26th, Eagle Crest Elementary conducted their very first Skype session with Empakasi Primary School in Kenya. The feeling in the Eagle Crest gymnasium was electric! Despite the inevitable technical glitches, students from both schools were able to share stories songs and dances from their cultures.
This was made possible by a group of dedicated students at United States International University – Africa. These students organized a technology program at Empakasi that includes two portable solar panels, one battery charger pack, two mini iPads, and one small projector. These materials were donated by the First Congregational Church of Boulder. In addition to being able to Skype with their partner school, the staff at Empakasi use this equipment for developing and presenting engaging student lessons.

Board Member Additions

This fall the Mwebaza Foundation doubled the size of its Board! We welcome the talented new members, Lindsey and Courtney Tucker, KayLyn Giles, and Sarah Reynolds! To view their pictures and detailed bios, please visit the “Our Team” page of our website.