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Middle School in Nkungulutale

Nkungulutale roofWhile the Foundation’s Development Assistant, Devaki Douillard, was in Uganda she oversaw the installation of the roof at Mwebaza Primary new middle school extension. This middle school is located in a town called Nkungulutale, about 15 minutes away from Mwebaza Primary.

Our colleagues in Uganda planned to use Mwebaza Primary’s school bus to transport Mwebaza students to the middle school since it is too far to walk. They also planned to continue to use the bus as a taxi when it wasn’t being used for school purposes to bring in supplemental income for the primary and middle schools. Unfortunately, when the van was at a garage for an upholstery upgrade, a fire from an unknown source burnt the shop and our van beyond repair. Furthermore, we are likely to receive little or no reparation for the damages. Our aim is raise enough funds to replace the van so Mwebaza Primary graduates can be transported to middle school.

Progress at Empakasi Primary

GreenhouseThe Mwebaza Foundation’s newest sister school, Emapaksi Primary School in Kitengela, Kenya, has come a long way since the beginning of our partnership. Kevin Omondi, our project manager in Kenya, has been busy directing the development of a sustainable lunch program for the students of Empakasi School. Among many other things, Omondi has overseen the construction of a chicken coop and a greenhouse garden at Empakasi School so the students will get a well-balanced lunch. The extra eggs and vegetables will be sold in the local market to create supplemental income that will support the continuation of these projects.

St. Paul School is Complete!

St. Paul Rear           St. Paul

This winter, our Development Assistant, Devaki Douillard, spent two months in Africa, with the majority of her time at St. Paul School in Nkokonjeru, Uganda. Part of her role there was to oversee the final stages of construction of their new school building. The new school structure towers over their old makeshift shed where classes used to be held. The school has four classrooms, a library space, and an office for teachers.

John Tembrock, a solar expert from Boulder, CO, visited Douillard during her trip to help oversee the installation of the solar system that he designed. This system has the potential to power a small computer lab or provide light during evening classes for the adults in the community.

Since the school now has concrete floors, the children are protected from burrowing fleas (jiggers) that live in the dirt. Nearby, the EnviroLoo bathroom system is complete with its own rain-fed hand washing station. The school is also designed with a rainwater collection system, providing easy access water for hand washing, cooking, and drinking.

School attendance has significantly increased since the appearance of the new school building. We would like to purchase a school bus for St. Paul so they can continue to serve the broader community of Nkokonjeru.