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Coronado Hills Elementary Shows Their Support

CHE CheckStudents, teachers, and faculty from Coronado Hills Elementary, in Thorton, CO, banded together in support of the Mwebaza Foundation. The school recently held a coin drive called “Mountains of Change.” Principal Donald Beuke, preparing to tackle the highest mountain in North America, Denali, realized he could use his planned summer adventure as a way to encourage and inspire students to set goals, dream big, and help tackle a problem facing children such as themselves. Beuke, who had raised funds for the Mwebaza Foundation through his successful run of the Leadville 100 a few years ago, once again teamed with students to assist St. Paul School in Uganda. The Coronado Hills community raised $1,228.03 that will be used to help purchase a school bus for St. Paul School!

On April 27th, Dale Peterson and Devaki Douillard educated Coronado Hills students about what life is like in Uganda and at St. Paul School. Afterwards, the Foundation was presented with an oversized check in front of the student body. Because students raised more money than the teachers during the coin drive, they earned the fun privilege of shoving cream pies in the faces of teacher volunteers. The Mwebaza Foundation is honored and humbled by the generosity and support of Coronado Hills staff and students.

Cream Pies