About The Mwebaza Foundation

Sharing Cultures, Building Communities.

Who We Are

Comprised of a group of local educators and professionals, The Mwebaza Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable organization engaged in the promotion of cross-cultural exchange between partner schools in Colorado and Africa.

Please see Board of Directors to learn more about each of the individuals responsible for the direction of the foundation.

Please see Background to learn more about the beginnings of the Foundation.

Our Mission

The Mwebaza Foundation’s mission is to enrich the relationships among our Colorado and African partner schools through cross-cultural exchange and service learning that enhances educational opportunities, fosters a healthy learning environment, and promotes self-sufficiency.

What We Do

Through the Mwebaza Foundation, our Colorado partner schools raise funds to help with the various needs of our African partner schools. This includes construction of schools and classrooms, providing books and other classroom supplies, as well as general care for disadvantaged school children such as, sustainable food programs and improved hygiene and sanitation. As much as possible, we develop projects and programs with a focus on self-sufficiency, as our ultimate goal is to help our partner schools fund, maintain, and improve themselves.

We promote a successful pen pal letter, photo, and artifact exchange between our students and staff so that all involved can learn more about and gain a better understanding of one another’s cultures and lives.

In the summer of 2009 and years since, Mwebaza board members visited Uganda and saw firsthand how Mwebaza School and St. Paul have responsibly used the resources they have been provided.

Please see Foundation Projects to learn more about our past and pending projects.

More to Do

Although Mwebaza School the school has benefited greatly from recent improvements such as a new school building, gardens, chicken coops, and a rainwater collection and sterilization system, there is still much more to do. The school’s sanitation system is inadequate with an insufficient number of long drop latrines or more modern toilets to meet student needs.

The Mwebaza Foundation has assisted St. Paul School address some of its physical needs, however there is still more to do. St. Paul school struggles with retaining qualified teachers due to the remote location and long distances teachers have to travel. The Mwebaza Foundation hopes to raise funds to help St. Paul construct teachers homes where teachers can live onsite.

Our newest partner school, Parents Junior School in Gulu, Uganda needs a lot of assistance. We are currently raising funds to construct sanitary and sustainable bathroom facilities and water collection and treatment systems.

Another issue for all our African partner schools is providing a quality education. With the lack of resources, students suffer in the classroom from oversized classes and a lack of materials. The Mwebaza Foundation is focusing on improving the quality of education through continued teacher training and resource development. The Mwebaza Foundation is looking to partner with other organizations to develop computer labs in our schools to help bridge the technology gap that many suffer from in developing countries.

If you would like to help us accomplish some of our goals please visit How to Help.