MF Given Matching Funds Grant from Heaven’s Hope for School Construction!

The Mwebaza Foundation recently was granted $25,000 from the Heaven’s Hope Foundation of Boulder.  The Heaven’s Hope Foundation has worked closely with the Mwebaza Foundation in the past on several projects including the egg-laying chickens and keyhole gardens projects at Mwebaza and St. Paul Schools in Uganda, and the rainwater collection project at Mwebaza School.

The grant was given for the purpose of building a school for 10-14-year-old students on land purchased by the Mwebaza Foundation for Mwebaza School, and for building a new school building to replace the crumbling school buildings at St. Paul School.  This grant represents about half the amount that will be needed to complete these two projects.

Heaven’s Hope’s president, Mark Crossen, announced the grant at a dinner party given in honor of Ms. Namatovu Catherine, headmistress of Mwebaza School.  Ms. Namatovu is in Colorado during the month of December, visiting the partner schools of the Mwebaza Foundation, and sharing her culture with classrooms of students.

The grant will be awarded once the Mwebaza Foundation has raised $25,000 to match the grant sum.  We would appreciate your help in garnering the funds needed to meet this match, and make these two schools a reality for our African friends!

Clean Water for Mwebaza School

The Mwebaza Foundation recently received a generous grant from the Heaven’s Hope Foundation to assist Mwebaza School in collecting and storing rainwater to use as a water source for the school.  Currently, students and staff must hike long distances to get water – untreated water – and carry that water back to school in large containers.  Now, Mwebaza School will be able to purchase large storage tanks and use the roof of the school building

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