Your time and talents are needed! We invite you to help us further our mission.

Volunteer Information

The Mwebaza Foundation is run entirely by volunteers with the exception of our Executive Manager, whose salary is funded almost exclusively through a private grant.  Without the work of our dedicated volunteers, nothing we have done or will do could happen.

Many volunteers are needed to help organize and run fundraisers at our four Colorado partner schools.  Colorado partner schools also need volunteers to process pen pal letters and prepare packages to send to our African partner schools.  Each school will have different volunteer needs depending on existing in-school resources and the type of fundraisers undertaken by that school.

If your child attends one of the Colorado partner schools, or if you are in a partner school community, and if you would like to learn about volunteer opportunities, please contact the appropriate program coordinator at our Colorado partner schools or our Executive Manager, below:

Executive Manager
Email Contact: Devaki Douillard

Coyote Ridge Elementary
Email Contact: Deena Pries

Eagle Crest Elementary
Email Contact: Amy Dumler

Niwot Elementary
Email Contact: Dale Peterson

Coronado Hills Elementary
Email Contact: Donald Beuke

Current Opportunities

There are also several opportunities to help the Mwebaza Foundation as a whole.  Below are listed several of those opportunities.  If you are interested in any of these volunteer positions, please contact us via our contact form or you may contact Dale Peterson directly.

Grant Writers – We are looking for strong writers, preferably with grant writing experience, to actively seek out and apply for grants to be used to accomplish the goals of the Mwebaza Foundation.

Media Consultant – This volunteer would contact appropriate media sources (newspaper, radio, television, internet, etc.) regarding events of the Mwebaza Foundation and its partner schools, working to garner beneficial publicity for our cause.  It would be helpful if this person has experience working with Northern Colorado media agencies.  This position may involve writing occasional articles or advertisements.

Book Sellers – All three Colorado partner schools have held or will hold used children’s book sales as fundraisers for their respective African partner schools.  We need one or more persons who would be willing to sell the surplus books from these sales at garage sales, flea markets, or online with the profits to benefit the Mwebaza Foundation.