Completion Ceremony & Open House!

10 Year Anniversary Celebration

The Mwebaza Foundation celebrates its 10 year anniversary with longtime supporters and friends. Host, David Chaknova opened his home to host the event on September, 22nd. To view pictures from this evening, please view our photo album, 10 Year Anniversary Celebration.

Eagle Crest Elementary Staff Visits Partner School in Uganda!

For the second time, members of the amazing staff at Eagle Crest Elementary have spent their summers on the ground in Africa working to develop stronger relationships with their partner schools. In 2015, Hillari Hansen and Karie Cooper traveled to Kitengela, Kenya to visit Empakasi Primary School. Now Hillari Hansen is back with Amy Belcher and Michele Keener to celebrate the official opening of their new partner school, Mwebaza Annex, in Nkugulutale, Uganda!

You can read more about both experiences by following their blog!


What we will do:

  • Transform two shipping containers into a classroom building to serve a school of underprivileged children at Mwebaza School in Uganda.
  • Utilize a building design created with the assistance of a Sunset Middle School (SMS) Design Class.
  • Engage Niwot High School (NHS) teams and clubs in designing and painting building exterior, installing solar power, wiring electrical outlets and fixtures, and finishing interior with drywall and paint.
  • Lead students from the Career Development Center (CDC) in designing and welding the upper story of the building.
  • Recruit community contractors and builders to teach students skills necessary to complete building tasks.
  • Educate students at NHS, Niwot Elementary, SMS, and CDC about Uganda, Mwebaza School, and the challenges facing developing nations.
  • Inspire students at Niwot Elementary and NHS to raise funds to ship the container building to Uganda.
  • Fill the containers with components needed to transform the containers into a 3-room classroom building including roof trusses, windows, and a solar power array.
  • Gather playground equipment, medical supplies, computers, and furniture to place in the containers with the assistance of NHS, SMS, and Niwot Elementary students and the St. Vrain Valley School District (SVVSD).
  • Transport the containers to Mwebaza School in Uganda with the guidance of the nonprofit, Homes of Living Hope, that has shipped such container buildings all over the world.
  • Empower students and their community to make a positive difference in the world through participation in this project.

Who will do it:

  • Project Management: The Mwebaza Foundation,, and Homes of Living Hope,
  • Design: Students of NHS, SMS, and CDC, Homes of Living Hope, The Mwebaza Foundation
  • Oversight: SVVSD Facilities Department
  • Construction: NHS and CDC students
  • Student Supervision: SVVSD Facilities Department, NHS and CDC staff, and community volunteers
  • Fundraising: The Mwebaza Foundation, Niwot Elementary and NHS students
  • Shipping and Delivery: Homes of Living Hope


  • Spring 2018: Collect donations of construction materials. Upper story fabricated at CDC.
  • Fall 2018: Containers delivered to Niwot High School. Construction begins.
  • December 2018: Containers shipped to Uganda.
  • March 2019: Containers arrive in Uganda and are transformed into classroom building.


  • 2 containers, placed side-by-side, with adjacent walls removed
  • Containers bolted together
  • Moveable interior wall
  • Open-air classroom on top constructed of welded metal panels and roof trusses

How you can help:

Please contact us at, if you are interested in helping with the following:

  • Supervise students in completing construction tasks
  • Sponsor this project through a monetary donation to assist with shipping costs
  • Donate necessary construction materials:
      • school supplies: wooden pencils, ink pens, notebooks, handheld pencil sharpeners, crayons, chalk
      • medical supplies: antibiotic ointment, bandages, children’s liquid pain reliever/fever reducer, tweezers, burn cream, rubbing alcohol, hand sanitizer
      • gardening tools: hoes, shovels, trowels, rakes, watering cans
      • hand tools: hammers, screwdrivers, saws, pliers, wrenches
      • sports equipment: colored sports pinnies, soccer balls, soccer goalposts, jump ropes
      • children’s black dress shoes in good condition
      • small storage lockers
      • reader eyeglasses of different strengths
      • cast iron or camping cookware
      • power tools: saws, drills
      • band instruments: trumpets, trombones, saxophones, clarinets, flutes, drums, tubas
      • lightweight, plastic folding tables
      • chicken wire or plastic mesh fencing
      • sewing machines
      • medium-sized or large event tents (10’ x 10’ or larger)
      • industrial copier
      • sturdy playground equipment: swings, slides, spinners, jungle gyms
      • metal fenceposts
      • cement
      • metal or plastic storage sheds

An in-kind tax receipt will be issued upon request for item donations

The Mwebaza Foundation Featured in Niwot Country Living

Many Niwot residents will recognize the name Dale Peterson, a teacher at Niwot Elementary School, the founder of the Mwebaza Foundation, a cultural exchange project the motto for which is “Sharing Cultures, Building Communities, Enriching Lives.” This foundation grew out of Peterson’s 2006 first-grade pen-pal exchange with a Kenyan School. Given the development of political upheaval in Kenya, Peterson’s young writers were connected with a new group of students in Kyengera, Uganda, over 8500 air miles from Colorado. Despite the distance, the language and cultural differences, one particular Niwot father-son duo maintain their connection with the East African nation a decade after it began.
Continue Reading Full Article

The Mwebaza Foundation Featured in Longmont Times-Call

Eagle Crest Elementary hosts a school-wide fundraiser for their new partner school in Nkugulutale, Uganda. Art teacher, Mandy Adams, has been educating her students about the country of Uganda and the culture of it’s people. Adams has helped all the students at Eagle Crest create a Ugandan themed art piece that will be available to parents for a donation during parent/teacher conferences in February. You can read the full article here.

Remember us on Colorado Gives Day!

Colorado Gives features a $1 million incentive fund so every non-profit that receives a donation on Colorado Gives Day will get a portion of the fund, increasing the value of every dollar donated! So remember to pre-schedule your donation or give on December 5th!


Back in Africa!

This summer, a group of six have traveled to East Africa to work and serve at our partner schools. Dale Peterson, the Founder and President of the Mwebaza Foundation is joined by his daughter, Lily. Devaki Douillard, the Executive Manager of the Mwebaza Foundation is traveling with her sister, Gigi. Thomas Peters, a representative from the organization, Kids on Computers, is working with us alongside a student intern from CU Boulder, Ellen Gostling, who will be staying on the ground for an additional four weeks to further the work we have started.

Follow our journey on our live blog here.

Niwot Jog-a-thon

It’s about time for our 8th annual Jog-a-thon to help raise money to benefit our African sister school, Mwebaza Primary School!

DATE:    Our May “Late Start Day,” Wednesday, May 3rd.

TIMES:    4th and 5th grades from 11:45-12:15 pm

2nd and 3rd grades from 12:30-1:00 pm

1st grade and Kindergarten from 1:15-1:45 pm

STUDENTS WILL: Jog or walk around a 200M track for 20 minutes.

STUDENTS CAN: Get pledges per lap or just a flat donation. Fundraising is optional, of course.

Ask family and friends for donations, but we DO NOT want students to solicit door to door!


As in past years, ALL proceeds raised will be used to benefit disadvantaged Ugandan schoolchildren. Any and all fundraising efforts are greatly appreciated! Funds from past Jog-a-thons have been used to buy property for a school playground and garden and construct the walls and roof of the middle school constructed for Mwebaza students. This year, Jog-a-thon funds will be used to build a wall around the perimeter of the new middle school to ensure student safety and deter theft.

Your child’s pledge form is attached to this letter. After each student completes the Jog-a-thon on May 3rd, he or she needs to collect any donations, place them in the designated collection envelope that will be sent home after the Jog-a-Thon, and give that envelope to his or her teacher. Funds are due by Friday, May 12th. 

This year, kids can celebrate their Jog-a-thon efforts with their families by an after-school visit to Longmont’s Cold Stone Creamery. Niwot Elementary staff volunteers will be serving up ice cream at Cold Stone between 4 and 8 p.m. after the Jog-a-thon, with 10% of the proceeds going to the Mwebaza Foundation! In fact, 10% of all Cold Stone sales, from opening to closing, on May 3rd will go to the Mwebaza Foundation!

Please feel free to join in on the fun by cheering on your children, running with them, or by volunteering. Water will be provided. If you are interested in volunteering, contact Mr. Strah.

This year, donors can fulfill pledges with cash or checks or pay online at If you choose to donate online, please be sure to write Jog-a-thon and the student’s name in the “Special instructions to the seller” box at checkout.

The K-2 and 3-5 classes that return the most pledge forms (with at least one pledge per form) by the deadline will win a pizza party in school!

Extra Pledge Form:

Jog-a-thon pledge form

Sign Up to Volunteer on Race Day and Help the Mwebaza Foundation While You’re At It!

Summer is right around the corner and in Colorado that means racing season is here! The Mwebaza Foundation will be hosting a volunteer group at the BolderBoulder and IRONMAN races this year, and we need you and your friends to help! The more volunteers we can recruit, the more funds we can raise to help our African partner schools! See below for details.

The BolderBoulder Memorial Day race is on May 29th. We need volunteers to handout snack bags, water, or soda to the race participants at the end of the race. The Mwebaza Foundation will receive $25 for every volunteer that signs up! Volunteers must must 13+.

When: 7:00AM to 12:00PM

Where: CU Field House
357 UCB, Field House
Annex 50
Boulder, CO

To register to volunteer, please click here! You will need to create an account to register so you can sign the volunteer waiver and give your t-shirt size for your official volunteer t-shirt that you will pick up on race day!

On race day, we will meet on the south side of the Field House next to the buffalo statue to distribute volunteer shirts and organize ourselves. At 7am we will check-in at the volunteer desk on the south end of the Field House where we will be directed by someone from the BolderBoulder staff as to our exact work location.

This year, the Boulder IRONMAN race is on Sunday, June 11th. Volunteers will be handing out food and drink to the athletes at an Aid Station along the run course. Volunteer with your friends or family! Children under the age of 18 must have parental consent to register. Children under the age of 13 must have parental oversight on race day.

The Mwebaza Foundation will receive $500 if we can recruit 40 volunteers!

When: 3:00PM to 8:00PM

Where: Boulder Creek Trail and Skunk Creek Path Intersection

To sign up as a volunteer, please click here! You will need to create an account to register so you can sign the volunteer waiver and select your t-shirt size for your official volunteer t-shirt that you will pick up on race day!

On race day, meet at the aid station location to pick up your t-shirt and jump right in! Maps and more details to follow.