Mwebaza Annex and Eagle Crest Elementary School

Mwebaza Annex Primary School

Location: Nkugulutale, Uganda- approximately 5 miles from Mwebaza School
Colorado Partner School: Eagle Crest Elementary, Longmont, CO, USA
Time as a Partner School: Eagle Crest Elementary has been working with the Mwebaza Foundation since 2010, but was partnered with Mwebaza Annex in 2017.
Number of Students: 30
Number of Teachers: 3
History: Mwebaza Annex is the only school that the Mwebaza Foundation has helped open. The Mwebaza Foundation received enough funds to purchase the land and has constructed a fully functioning school compound that will serve the local community.
Amenities: a solar powered 4–classroom solid school building, two rainwater collection tanks and sterilization systems, five EnviroLoo toilets, which are waterless and convert waste to compost, one detached kitchen building, and a solid security wall to surround the compound for protection. We are in the process of installing a 20-laptop computer lab, a chicken coop and a garden.
Needs: Teacher homes

Eagle Crest Elementary School

Location: 4444 Clover Basin Drive, Longmont, CO, 80503 –located on the southwestern edge of Longmont in the northern Front Range region; suburban
African Partner School: Empakasi Primary School, Kitengela, Kenya (formerly partnered with Mapampi Primary School, Silembe, Zambia)
Time as a Partner School: Partnered with Empakasi Primary School since 2013
Number of Students: Approximately 550, Kindergarten through 5th grades
Number of Teachers: Approximately 18 regular classroom teachers and 10 specialists
History: Opened in 1999, Eagle Crest is named for the eagles that used to nest in the area.