Mwebaza Infant Primary School and Niwot Elementary


Mwebaza Infant Primary School

Location: Kyengera, Uganda – approximately 10 miles southeast of the capital city of Kampala and 27 miles north of Lake Victoria; tropical terrain; suburban
Colorado Partner School: Niwot Elementary, Longmont, CO, USA
Time as a Partner School: Partnered since 2007
Number of Students: Approximately 200, preschool to age 10
Number of Teachers: Approximately 6
History: School started in the 80’s by the Bukenya family and still run by that family; at the urging of the community, named “Mwebaza,” meaning “gratitude” in the Luganda language.
Amenities: Solid 4-room school building built through Mwebaza Foundation; second rented 4-room building nearby; several outbuildings; sporadic electric power; two rainwater collection tanks and sterilization system; motorcycle and bus purchased by Mwebaza Foundation that are used to bring in income for the school through a taxi service. With the financial assistance of the Heaven’s Hope Foundation, the Mwebaza Foundation created a sustainable and well balanced lunch program through the development of keyhole gardens, a fruit tree orchard, and egg-laying chickens.
Needs: Over half of students are AIDS orphans; teachers need professional training; no modern sanitation or reliable electricity; secondary water source needed during times of drought.

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Niwot Elementary School

Location: 8778 Morton Road, Niwot, Colorado, 80503 – located approximately one mile east of the historic town of Niwot, halfway between Longmont and Boulder in the northern Front Range region; suburban
African Partner School: Mwebaza Infant Primary School, Kyengera, Uganda
Time as a Partner School: Partnered since 2007
Number of Students: Approximately 450, Kindergarten through 5th grades
Number of Teachers: Approximately 18 regular classroom teachers and 10 specialists
History: Niwot Elementary was built in the late 1960s. The school was named in honor of Chief Niwot (means “left-handed”) of the Arapahoe tribe who were the first settlers of the area.