Parents’ Junior Primary School and Coronado Hills Elementary

Parents’ Junior Primary School

Location: Gulu, Uganda – approximately 3 miles outside the Gulu city center
Colorado Partner School: Coronado Hills Elementary, Thornton, Colorado, USA
Time as a Partner School: Partnered since 2015
Number of Students: Approximately 50, preschool to kindergarten age
Number of Teachers: Approximately 2
History: School was established in 2013, at the request of the local community members. There was no school in the area due to a civil war that stunted development for over 20 years. A school board was formed and hired staff to begin instruction under a large metal-roofed structure that was constructed during the war as safe meeting center. In 2014, the parents and community members built a modest 4-classroom brick school building. In honor of the community’s involvement, the school was named Parents’ Junior School.
Amenities: Large metal-roofed structure, modest 4-classroom brick building, a borehole to provide clean drinking water, and 5 EnviroLoo toilet systems, which are waterless and convert waste to compost.
Needs: A solid and secure school house, a kitchen building; school furniture and supplies; uniforms.

Coronado Hills Elementary School

Location: 8300 Downing Dr, Denver, CO 80229- located on the southern edge of Thornton, approximately 8 miles west of the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge; suburban
African Partner School: Parents’ Junior Primary School in Gulu, Uganda
Time as a Partner School: Partnered since 2015
Number of Students: Approximately 530, kindergarten through 5th grades
Number of Teachers: Approximately 24 regular classroom teachers and 24 specialists
History: Coronado Hills Elementary School is a member school of the Primary Years Programme. This School was authorized as an IB World School in February 2015.