Coyote Ridge Events

Coyote Ridge Student Art Sale Fundraiser- 2019

Students from Coyote Ridge create and sell their own artwork to raise money for their sister school.

Coyote Ridge Festival of Nations- 2019

Students from the St. Paul Kid’s Committee run a booth at Coyote Ridge’s Festival of Nations to raise awareness about Ugandan culture and their sister school.

Coyote Ridge African Art Sale Fundraiser- 2016

Students from Coyote Ridge help raise awareness about their sister school and raise money by selling authentic African crafts!

Coyote Ridge Principal, Dr. Keppler Visits Uganda with His Family- 2015

Dr. Keppler shares about his time at St. Paul school with the students at Coyote Ridge.

Coyote Ridge Fun Run Fundraiser- 2014

Students from Coyote Ridge participated in a design competition to create “partnership t-shirt” to represent their connection with St. Paul school during their Fun Run fundraiser.

Coyote Ridge Student-Led Fundraiser- 2012

An active student from Coyote Ridge organizes a hot cocoa stand to raise money for her sister school, St. Paul, in Uganda!

Coyote Ridge Book Sale – 2010

During the spring of 2010, Coyote Ridge Elementary hosted a book sale to raise money to purchase property for St. Paul School. We thank all who volunteered to make this such a successful event.