Keyhole Gardens and Egg-Layer Program

In order to bring sustainable food programs to our partner schools, staff and students at the Mwebaza School are being instructed in how to build keyhole gardens and egg-layer program using easily-accessible materials.

Keyhole Gardens

The Mwebaza Foundation and the Heaven’s Hope Foundation have worked with Mwebaza and St. Paul Schools in Uganda to begin keyhole garden programs. These efficient and high-yielding gardens are producing nutritious vegetables that are being fed to the children at the schools. The Mwebaza Foundation retained the assistance of Send a Cow – Uganda to help the schools with the design and implementation of the keyhole gardens programs.

Egg-Layer Program

With the assistance and support of the Heaven’s Hope Foundation, the Mwebaza Foundation has worked with Mwebaza and St. Paul Infant Primary Schools in Uganda to create an egg-layer program. The eggs are used to feed the school children, and extra eggs are being used to pay for feed and veterinary costs, making the program self-sustaining.