Sharing in the Lives of Others

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One of the primary purposes of the Mwebaza Foundation is to promote cross-cultural exchange between the Colorado and African partner schools. Much of this is done through the exchange of letters. Teachers at the Colorado schools and the African schools communicate with one another through e-mail contact, if this is a possibility. Examples of some of these e-mail letters can be viewed in Teacher Letters. Each partner school has developed a method for having students share letters about their lives and culture with students from their partner school. At some of the partner schools, every child is assigned a pen pal from his or her partner school. At other schools, students write letters and the letters are divided among classrooms. Each class takes responsibility for writing responses to the students for whom they received letters. Examples of student letters, including some “testimonials” written by students about the value of participating in the pen pal letter exchange, can be viewed in Student Letters.