Student Letters

A Student Letter

by Savlour (Mapampi School)

Dear Eagle Crest Elementary Students,
I am a pupil of Mapampi Community School in grade six. At this school we are studying the following subjects: English, Mathematics, Social and Development Studies, Interelated Science and Tonga as a Zambian language. We are very intrested in these mentioned subjects but we have got some difficulties in studying due to the lack of meterials to use. We have got only two classes at the school which are not enough for the school runs from grade one to seven. In this two classes, there is no desks not even a single one. That made my hand writing look bad but I can write well on a desk. Our school is very poor on both learning, teaching and sports materials. We are lacking of netball – ball, football – ball and volleyball – ball but we are very intrested in sports activities.

If you are wishing as to take our problem into any consideration, we may thanking you in advance and you may richly blest.

Yours Faithfully,

A Student Letter

by Jensen (Niwot Elementary)

Dear Mr. Weisberg,
I learned a lot about business when Mr. Peterson taught us about helping the Ugandan kids. We had to raise money to help them in a lot of different ways like selling lemonade, books, batiks, tickets and lollipops. We counted a lot of money and worked together with other kids. We told people about the Mwebaza School when we marched in the Nostalgia Days Parade.

It makes me happy to raise money to help other people in the world who are not very wealthy.

It makes me sad to think of the children in Uganda sleeping on the floor in the dirt where the fleas bite them. They get wet in the winter because their roofs are made out of straw.

If we help them build a school then they get an education and they will have a better life and that gives me faith, and them hope because then they will look at us and say, “If they can do it, we can do it!”

Please help my penpal.


A Student Letter

by Jake (Niwot Elementary)

Hi, My name is Jake and I’m in 3rd grade at Niwot Elementary. I wrote my first letter to Mwebaza in Mr. Peterson’s 1st grade class. I think it’s cool because it tells us how other people live and to appreciate how much we have in life. I held up signs to get people to buy lemonade and the money went to Mwebaza and it feels good to help people with hardly anything. My parents also got to help by buying a piece of art and the money went to Mwebaza. The are is hanging on our wall and reminds us of how we helped. I hope you can help Mwebaza also.


A Story – A Child of War

by Esther

I am Esther. I was born in Gulu. This is what I have experienced during war. When I was still young my mum told me that she delivered me in the bush due to the conflict which it has been taking place over 20 years.

One day, when I was 12 years old, my mum sent me to go and fetch water in the well. By then I got my jerican and started going where water is. While on my way to the well, and I am about to reached the well, I hear a crowd of birds flying and coming to me and I thought, “There is saying which it said that if the crowed of bird coming to you it shows the sign of bad thing.”

So I felt afraid. I started thinking to go back without water, but I thought that there is no water at home and for little while the rebels caught me and they give me 2 slaps that I should tell them where my mum is. By then, I started taking them to my mum and by the time we reached home my mum show up. She started to run, but unfortunately they were having gun and one of them shot my mum. That happened in 2003.

A Poem – War

by Ocen

War! War!
Who are you?
Where do you come from and who do you think you are?
You do not care for children, women, men and adults.

A Student Letter

by Elizabeth (Eagle Crest Elementary)

Dear Penpal and other Mapampi Students,
Thanks for the super-cool letters and pictures. In your letter, you said you had bad handwriting, but I think it’s beautiful! It’s at least 5 times better than mine. I’ve also heard that many Zambians enjoy music. I do too! Here at Eagle Crest, on Thursdays and Friday mornings, there is Chime Choir and Singing Choir. I am involved in both. I’ve heard African music before, and I love it! Mr. Ross, the school’s music teacher, is enthusiastic about it also. You inspire me with all the happiness you have about almost everything. Do you have any hobbies, or things you like to do? I enjoy making bracelets. I can send you one if you like.

Eagle Crest is in Longmont, Colorado. It is also dry here, like Zambia. I’d love to visit Zambia, you know. One of my goals is to visit every continent. I hope we become wonderful friends, and I’d love to meet you in person some day.


A Poem- Should it Matter

by Bella

Red, yellow, green or blue?
My dog is blond, my fish is red,
Should it matter?
Was Martin right?
What do you think?

I paint a picture, spitter, spatter
It’s light blue, red, and green of color
Oh, Mother……Oh, Mother……
It’s dark blue, red, green and purple
Smurple to gurple
Should it matter?

They are a different Color
But the same in a way
Close your eyes and see with your heart

A Student Letter

By Teresia (Empakasi Primary School)

My name is Terresia. I am a girl. I live in Athiriver. I am eleven years old. I goes to school from Monday to Friday. I also goes to school on foot. My  home is far from our school. I comes to school at 5:30 AM. I live with my parents. My father is a shopkeeper. He works in a supermarket. My mother is a salonist. She works in a salon.

A Student Letter

By Ruth Musenya (Empakasi Primary School)

My name is Ruth Musenya. I am in clas seven. I have thirteen years old. Our house is made up by iron. Our village is called Mbuvi. My tribe is Akamba. I was born in Salama Village in year of 1998. I started my preschool in year 2002-2004. I started my upper school in 2005, and now I am in class seven. My school name is Empakasi Primary School. My lovely subject is mathematics and Kiswahili. My favorite game is playing football. When I grow up I want to be a doctor. I will like to treat sick people. I will enjoy to be a doctor. Because in Kenya we don’t have enough doctors. My parents work hard because of me, to get school fees and my food.

A Student Letter

By Marion Naisenya (Empakasi Primary School)

My name is Marion Naisenya. I am in Std. 7. I am a Maasai. I live in Ngurunga Village. Our house is a manyatta. My family has six people, four children and two parents. My fathers works as a watchman and my mother works as a maid.

When I grow up I want to be a pilot. I want to be a pilot because I like driving so I wanted to drive an airplane. My father earns money so we can live healthy and strong, and my mother also so as to be strong.  I like animals like sheep, goats, rabbits, and cats. My best food is chicken, chapati, meat, rice and others.

A Student Letter

By Stephan Chege (Empakasi Primary School)

My name are Stephan Chege. I live in Ahi-River. My tribe is Kikuyu. I am fourteen years old. In our family we are seven members. My pet that I like is the puppy. I always take care of it. My pet barks and chase some animals away from the house. And I am in class eight at Empakasi Primary School. Our house is made up of some metals and stones, which it is a beautiful house. I always help my parents in house chores like washing utensils and fetching water. When I grow up I like to be a footballer like Oscar who plays on a club called Chelsea. I would like to live in England.