Teacher Letters

A Letter of Thanks (sent via email) – May 23, 2012

by Namatovu Catherine, Headmistress of Mwebaza School, Kyengera, Uganda

Dearest teachers, students and parents,
My Godliness! How can l start expressing our sincere thanks and gratitude for all the love, support and energy that you put in the recent jog-a -thon event! What a wonderful event it was! l must here thank you for all the sacrifices you made to have the event done! How can l forget thanking you for the lots of dollars that you all donated! We all know the financial deficit that the world is facing, but your sacrifice towards that event is amazing! You are so genuine and caring. We are all so honoured for this friendship, and it has warmed our hearts in ways that l can not describe as for now!

Through your sweats and struggles over the years, who would ever dream of floored classrooms that prevented us from chiggers. the lovely t-shirts, the nice school van, feeding eggs and vegetables to the kids, drinking purified water, and now the funds that you are raising to meet the construction of schools for older students!

Dear ones, l feel l can not thank you enough for this! Too much joy always drives me crazy! However, l know it was a big undertaking! You are angels to us!

Well, it is class time, and it is a lovely afternoon out here, the weather is cloudy, meaning it is raining any time! So, l pray that you have wonderful days ahead of you all! And that God would provide you with every need! Hearing from you all reminds me of the kind of love that you showed me while l was there last December! l think of you all with fondness! l had such an amazing time with you that l will treasure forever!

Know that we think of you, treasure you and really appreciate what you do to us!

Namatovu, teachers and students

Excerpts of Email Letter – April 18, 2010

by Namirembe Agnes, Headmistress of St. Paul School, Nkokonjeru, Uganda

Oh dearest Deb, Deena, students and parents,
My special ones, how can I begin this e-mail to you? Should I just go back and sleep, then respond to you later? Oh no, It does not work! Ha ha! My dear, how kind of you to hold such a successful book sale! I wish you could visit us one day and enjoy our culture the way Dale, Christa and Tancy enjoyed! God bless.

My dear ones, too much joy drives me crazy! As for now, I am scarce of words, this is a miracle! Who would ever dream of that! My Godliness! As for this weekend, we are expecting Namatovu to come with our 2500 U.S. Dollars for our motorcycle, sweetened porridge, uniforms, roofing the grass-thatched class and buying scholarstic materials, yet you have raised some more money! Wow! I feel like running mad! Well, we shall use that money to buy furniture, text books, more uniforms for the new kids, floor cementing and other needs I can not talk of as for now!

Just to say, it is so sorry that Namatovu failed to get her visa! However, we have a strong faith that she will make it in September after her visa interview [in June 2010]! God bless her! We believe that, she will express the best of our culture, school life and everything about us! We have a strong belief in her! Amen.

My dear ones, I cannot thank you enough through this e-mail, but what I am going to do after here, I am going to draft a “thanksgiving” e-mail that I am to send to you and re-send to everyone out there! Just in the package that we prepared to you, there are some few nice crafts to you that you will hang in your classes and offices! Namatovu is getting them today, and she then pack and send them to you along with the Niwot package very soon! We hope it will reach you before you leave for holidays! Amen.

I have to say, May God’s blessings be ahead of you, have fruitful days, happiness and may everyone who attended the book sale have many – many rewardings and God’s grace be with them! Amen.

With much love and prayers,
Agnes and students.

A Letter of Thanks (abridged) – November 10, 2009

by Catherine Namatovu, Headmistress of Mwebaza School

Wow! My Godliness! How can l begin expressing my happinesss and sincere thanks over the successful book sale [at Niwot Elementary to benefit Mwebaza School]! I can not congratulate and thank you enough for doing this! I know you had to put in a lot of efforts to make it done! That was a miracle! I know it has been a big undertaking, and has required several advertisements! Send my best “regards and congs” to the students, parents, teachers and friends at Niwot! May God rewards them more and have fruitful days a head of them!
I know how hard it can be to save money! The recent funds has helped so much to improve the daily routines at Mwebaza School! I can still remember how my kids used to study from dusty rooms and some attending school bare footed! From few children now to over 150 kids! In fact, the daily routines at school has so much improved, and my kids are having productive days! Ha ha! Also my life is less stressful!

I really can say that this friendship is such of a kind! Now, next year we are putting up primary Four! Since we are having a free classroom from the ones that you constructed, we had a meeting with parents last week and we decided to put up another class for our kids [The money raised by Niwot can be used] to purchase “furniture”, text books, scholastic materials and other needs! It would be a blessing for us to have a new classroom!

I will be sending the package [of letters for Niwot pen pals] next week! Do not worry, by the end of this month, it will be at your end! [Editor – It arrived in early December.] However, l know how one feels by getting a package from a friend! The primary two and three kids did a wonderful job in writing them! Oh my Godliness! I know your kids must be so eager by now! Tell them that the package is on the way!

Do take care of yourself, and God bless you and your beautiful students,

A Letter – September 25, 2009

by Allan Munsaka, Teacher at Mapampi School

Dear Eagle Crest Elementary School,
First and foremost I would like to thank you for sending us your photos and other materials. How is everything there in USA that is the accademic work, physical work and spiritual work? Hope you are doing fine. With us here at Mapampi we are trying with our best level.

My main concern is the accademic programme. I am a teacher here at Mapampi Community, now being a teacher or teachers we are lacking many things like teachers and pupils books for all grades from 1 – 7, we have no water for teachers and pupils to use at school, we have no furnitures both for pupils and teachers to sit on. Pupils sits on the bricks and use their laps to write on and many more things which I did not mention. Now that we have such people like you who have that heart of helping, God will do something for you and your families.

Secondly is that I personally Allan am requesting you for assistance. My request is that I am requesting for some books to read as a teacher or maybe there is a college there so that I can apply to in sort of correspondance so that I can improve my standard of teaching. You send some books and questions, then I read here and write and I send them back. Now here in Zambia under the primary level all teachers should teach all subjects that is English, Mathematics, Integrated Science, Social and development studies, Creative and technology studies and Literacy.

Hope to you again and your response to my request will be highly appreciated. Wishing you all the best and may the almighty God be with you and your families and all your work.

Yours Sincerely,
Allan Munsaka
Teacher in Charge